High Tech Materials

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One of the coolest things about human beings is that we are never satisfied. When we first picked up a stick and discovered it could be used as a tool, somebody thought: what if I sharpen it? When we first used a rock to break something, someone thought: what if I attach it to a

Please Represent Me Well Oh Football Proxy

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In today’s virtual world, you can be just about anywhere, anytime. I’ve gotten so used to banking online, virtual meetings, facetime apps, Skype, shopping online, that I’m surprised I ever leave my house. However, there are a few things that you have to be present for – at least once – and no, I’m not talking

Walking in Sunshine: The Benefits of Pure, Unadulterated Sunlight

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It’s finally May, and time to get outdoors again. I love being outdoors, but increasingly I find my friends and family resist the idea of unplugging from their devices and venturing out into nature. I recently went on a short hike with some friends, and everyone looked like pale, sickly vampires, squinting into the sun.

Does Society Benefit from Extreme Sports Medicine?

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We use sports as a metaphor for life in this country. Everyone loves a winner, and we seem to believe that success on the playing field relates to success in life in general. I think this is overblown. The lessons you learn in sports are definitely valid and transferable to other aspects of your life

New Year’s Resolutions – A New Spin on a Bad Idea

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Quit smoking, lose weight, join a gym. Just making the list starts to weigh upon your soul. Basically, it’s a list of all the reasons you hate yourself. A new year is a time for celebration, not for remorse and self flagellation. So here’s what I propose: celebrate yourself and your bad habits, but in

The Challenge of a Lifetime

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What drives men to explore, to push the boundaries, to boldly go where no man has gone before? I was on the Dakar website the other day watching video of the 2013 competition, which these days takes place on the South American continent (Argentina, Peru and Bolivia). Dakar is the legendary race that began in

Cell Phone Cameras

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Remember that shoe box full of old snapshots you used to rummage through when your cousins came over for Thanksgiving dinner, cracking up at your parent’s bad fashion sense? Remember the embarrassing family slide shows hosted by your mildly inebriated dad? Well, some of you do. But the family photo album has changed, and now,