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Please Represent Me Well Oh Football Proxy

June 27th, 2015 by
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In today’s virtual world, you can be just about anywhere, anytime. I’ve gotten so used to banking online, virtual meetings, facetime apps, Skype, shopping online, that I’m surprised I ever leave my house. However, there are a few things that you have to be present for – at least once – and no, I’m not talking about starting a family.

As with many people out there I get caught up in various sports and America’s number one sport is football. I like to follow it – sometimes closely and sometimes just in the headlines. Once you start following something, our friends in the news business like to give us lots of information including the betting lines.  Now I’m not a gambler at heart, but seeing those betting lines and being involved in the odd football pool all started to get me to thinking.  Could I legally put money on football without having to go to out of state?  According to the American Gaming Association I’d need to live in one of four states to make that even possible.

Now I invest in a few public companies and from time to time they have meetings and voting.  I have an opportunity to be represented by a proxy.  Hmmm… I wondered, does such a thing exist for betting – and is it on the up and up.

Well I pulled out my trusty Google and sure enough legitimate proxy services do exist.  Since Las Vegas is the closest city to me for this type of thing I looked up Las Vegas Proxy for Football and up came a whole bunch of results including Vegas Football Proxy and Vegas Contest Proxy – both of which represent you at the wager windows. There’s a football SuperContest which means you have to personally (or through proxy) enter your picks every weekend so a Las Vegas SuperContest Proxy is a must for guys like me. I do have to visit in person the first time to take care of some paperwork, but although a quick trip to Vegas is always a hardship – I’m in!!

So what else can I get a proxy for.  Well, I guess some states allow you to marry by proxy, but in my book that’s still marriage and once I go down that path my football contest days are probably over.  So I’ll leave that one alone.  Good luck to everyone in our post deflate-gate world.

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